Recreational Player Scholarship Application


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The North Port Youth Soccer Academy strives to keep soccer affordable and wishes to reduce the economic barriers of playing soccer. As such, dependent on availability of funds, North Port Youth Soccer will make scholarships available to deserving players and families.


  • Scholarship amounts awarded will be based on the needs of the family
  • The amount of the scholarship awarded (if any) may be up to $100 of the registration fee of $130 depending on the number of applicants and amount of scholarship funds available
  • Scholarships will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee then presented to the player’s home club board
  • All applications will be kept confidential. No guarantee of assistance is implied in this application.
  • Notification of acceptance will be emailed to you.


This scholarship program will be under the direct supervision of the North Port Youth Soccer Vice President. The determination of a family’s financial need will be made by the Scholarship Committee.

Criteria & Eligibility:

Any family is eligible to apply for a scholarship if an economic barrier could prevent the player from enjoying and playing soccer. Financial need will be the only determinant in receiving a scholarship. In order to assess financial need, the following will be taken into consideration in awarding the scholarship:

  • Eligibility Guidelines: · Provide a basis of financial need due to low/no income, excessive medical expenses, family hardships, etc. Provide proof of Medicaid eligibility · Provide Proof of Free lunch.
  • Applicant must contribute $30 toward cost of uniform.
  • Commitment to attend scheduled practices and games.
  • Participation by a family member/player for at least 5 hours of voluntary service to North Port Youth Soccer. Volunteer work will be under the direction of the scholarship committee and may consist of field and/or concession assistance.
  • Scholarship applications and documents must be turned in one (1) week prior to the close of season’s registration for consideration.
  • Financial need will be the only factor in awarding a soccer scholarship. Out of respect for privacy, North Port Youth Soccer will not request copies of W-2s, paychecks, tax returns etc. in lieu, as part of the scholarship application, the family will be asked to make a statement declaring how much the family makes annually and during the prior 90 days. This documentation, along with a hardship letter, will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee. At their discretion, the committee may ask for additional documentation from the family during the review process.
  • Scholarship recipients will be asked to pay for some portion of the club fees in addition to a player’s uniform. If circumstances prevent a family from making any payment, a scholarship will still be considered.

Non-Discretion Clause:

No one will be disqualified from consideration because of sex, race, color, creed, nationality or religious beliefs.

The North Port Soccer
Scholarship Application Form

The North Port Youth Soccer Statement: All participants will be taken into consideration based on availability of funds for scholarships, number of applications received for current season, financial needs of applicant, and number of children in the family playing with North Port Youth Soccer. This application does not guarantee a scholarship. Applicants will be notified of status in a timely manner. North Port Youth Soccer is an equal opportunity club. It forbids discrimination of race, religion, sex, nationality, age, and health needs. All information provided will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.


  • Financial Need

  • To respect the applicant’s privacy, NPYS will not request copies of W-2s, pay stub, or tax returns. In lieu, the applicant is asked to make a good faith declaration of his/her annual income and ability to pay registration fees. This section is mandatory. An incomplete application will not be reviewed.

  • If so, please explain.
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  • Important Notes

  • Please review the application to ensure all information is complete and accurate and sign in agreement to the following statement: Applications to be submitted to Competitive
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